Mobile Yard Ramp without Truck Bed Support of RMFS series

Mobile yard ramps are specifically designed to provide ground to dock ramp access to high dock warehouses or trailer beds. They do not require special preparation to operate allowing for loading/unloading operations to be performed without construction of a traditional concrete ramp. All DoorHan ramps have a similar principle of operation, i.e. a ramp is lifted by a mechanical or hydraulic drive, equipped with safety system, and is easily transported to the warehouse dock or the trailer with a fork lift. If a ramp has legs then it is set on them, if the trailer bed is used as a support for the ramp then it is lowered onto it. After the loading/unloading operations have been completed the ramp is raised and transported to the place of storage.




      Signal blue                           Jet black 


Construct and sizes

  • 1. Ramp track decking
  • 2. Bottom hinged lip
  • 3. Top hinged lip
  • 4. Adjustable leg
  • 5. Wheel

 Size Table

 Parameters                                                                                                                Value

 Length , mm  12 375
 Width , mm  2 200
 Ramp track width , mm  1 900




Standard Construction

 Mobile Yard Ramp without Truck Bed Support

 Symbol , parameter name                                                                                                                  Calculation formula

 H, mm Length  12 375
 B, mm Width  2 200
 b1 , mm Operating range , upward   1 500
 b2 , mm Operating range , downward  1 100




 Parameter                                                Value                              Note

 load capacity , kg (kN0 7 000 (70) / 10 000 (100)  
 Maximum point load, H/mm² 1,3  at customer's request - 6,5 
 Number of lifting cylinders, pcs. 2  for ramp with hydraulic drive
 Power, W 1,5  power of the hydraulic pump electric drive (for mobile   ramps with hydraulic drive)
 Supply voltage, V 380  
 Supply voltage, V 24  
 IP protection class 54  
 Preparation of steel surface before   application of paints class Sa2  
 Hydraulic fluid low-temperature STATOIL Hydraulic 131 oil  
 Weight, kg 2 975  
 Operating temperature range, °C -30...+50  
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