Electrohydraulic dock leveler with hinged lip of DLHHI series


  Electrohydraulic dock levelers with hinged lip of DLHHI series are an optimal solution, which provide the pick-and-place operation and ensure fast loading and unloading. When activated, the leveler is lifted and the lip opens while turning. Next, the platform is lowered until it reaches the floor of the vehicle body. The system is ready for operation. After the work is completed the leveller is lifted, the lip lowers and takes a vertical position, then the platform is returned its original position. Installation can be carried out by both, embedded and suspended installing methods.



Main advantages:

   self-cleaning hinges between the leveler and lip;

•  ramp length is 400 mm (can be optionally increased to 500 mm); 

•  when working with a truck having skewed platform, the leveler can tilt sideways to 100 mm;

•  due to the yellow-black signal strip, one can see that the platform is located above the level of the ramp;

•  the surface is made of lentil sheet to provide a better adhesion of the forklift wheel;

•  the lip supports ensure a safe transverse movement on the leveler in the closed position;

•  the safety system instantly stops the hydraulic leveler in the case of hose breakage or in case of unauthorized departure of the carduring 

   loading/unloading works;

•  side airbags prevent the staff feet getting into the gap between the leveller and the pit during operation;

•  locking mechanism (repair backup) provides a safe leveler maintenance and repair.



Dimensions and specifications

 Length  2000 / 2500 / 3000 / 3500 / 4500 mm
 Width , mm  1800 / 2000
 Operating range
 • up
 • down
 0 - 550 mm
 0 - 350 mm
 Thickness of top sheet on the platform cover
 • standard
 • on request
 6 / (0.6 - 1.8)*mm
 8 / (0.8 - 2.4)*mm
 Colour**  Black (RAL 9005)
 Number of lift cylinders
 • standard
 • on request
 1 pc
 2 pcs

  * In the brackets is the height of the embossing. 

 ** Powder painting, pre-treated in shot blasting chamber. 


Technical specifications

 Load capacity  6000 kg (60 kN) / 10000 kg (100 kN)
 Maximum point load
 • top sheet 8 mm
 • top sheet 6 mm
 6.5 N/mm²
 1.3 N/mm²
 Electric pump power  0.75 kWt
 Supply Voltage  380 V . 3 phase
 Tension control  24 B
 Degree on protection  IP54
 Operating fluid  Mobil HVI
 Class of surface cleaning before painting  Sa 2
 Thickness of the painted layer  60 - 90 mkm
 Temperature range  from -30 to +50°C



 Height, mm  2000  2500  3000  3500  4000  4500
 Weight, kg  713  820  960  1100  1250  1400
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