Wheel guides installed in front of the loading bay increase the safety and effiviency of loading and unloading operations and improne the service life of dock shelters considerably . They are designed to minimize possible contact with the truck wheel rim. The wheel guides are available in 159 mm diameter tube with bends for fastening. They are bolted into place using concrete anchors or can be sunk into the floor. As the wheel guides are exposed to high dynamic load, the model with anchor bolt fastening shall be installed only on the concrete area.




Guards are installed indoors to prevent damage of walls by forklifts or pallets. They ensure correct and safe moving of vehicles in the storage room and near the dock. The guard is a round tube with diameter of 100 - 159 mm. It can have any shape and can be made in accordance with customer’ s requirements.




Shock columns protect the door’s vertical angles from damage by pallets or forklifts. It is installed indoors in front of the vertical angles . Shock columns are available in 100 - 159 mm diameter tube.



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